At Studio.e, we’re proud of the work we do. Our portfolio showcases a range of style and function, from built-to-suit homes to multi-family communities to high-performance mixed-use developments. We have designed for off-the grid living and urban dwelling, educational institutions and religious communities, retail, office, hospitality, and home-owners in every stage of life. 

With each project, we engage deeply in a process of listening and responding to the aspirations of our client, the needs of the community, and the character of the build-site—turning the inherent financial and infrastructural constraints of each design into opportunities for innovation and beauty. 

Who we are

Fern Ridge Lake House


Orchard Street Passive House

Eyrie Vineyard

Fineline House

Hawksview House

Skyview Houses

Goodspeed-Phillips House

Ankeny Row Cohousing

Lucia Townhouses

The Breathe Building

Chevy Chase House

Arcadia Townhouses

Central Boulevard House No.2

Central Boulevard House No.1

Cowhorn House

Aspen at Arcadia Townhouses

Wattenpaugh House

Timbercrest House No.2

Christianson Passive House

Timbercrest House No.1

Agate Beach Townhouses

Harry Richie's Jewelers

Monroe Street House No.2

Crestline Appartments

Monroe Street House No.1

Monroe Street House No.3