Aspen at Arcadia Townhouses

A former church building transforms into three modern townhouses.

Location  |  Eugene, Oregon
Project Type  |  New Construction
Completion  |  2018


Adjacent to the Arcadia community, Aspen at Arcadia reimagines a decommissioned church building as three large, vibrant townhomes. Originally constructed in the 1940s, This total building retrofit features modern four bedroom/three bathroom layouts. 

Large double-height lofts in each unit preserve the original soaring glue-lam arches and wood plank ceiling of the former sanctuary while skylights and oversized windows flood the beautiful spaces with daylight. Tall ceilings, imaginatively designed living spaces, and beautiful finishes complete this innovative transformation. Sitting at the corner of a dynamic neighborhood high street, Aspen at Arcadia acts as bridge and beacon for the Arcadia and Friendly Street Communities.

During construction, the building was lifted off its original foundation and repositioning on new super-insulated floors and walls. Stripped down to its structural skeleton, the building was completely retrofitted with thick layers of insulation and a new, modern finish palette. 

The completed project, repurposing an abandoned building with exceptional energy-efficiency, represents a successful instance of sustainable urban development and helps complement the vibrant neighborhood hub on Friendly Street.

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