Harry Richie's Jewelers

A reimagined store experience focused on authenticity, luxury, and romance

Location  |  Multiple Locations, Oregon
Project Type  |  New Construction
Size  |  1,000-3,500 sf
Completion  |  2009 - 2012

Lighting Consultant  |  Greg Hansen / BHE
Contractor  |  Berlincourt Contracting
Casework |  Robin Olofson / Yankeebuilt LLC


Designed as the next evolution of Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers, this series of highly customized stores brought the Harry Richie’s brand into modern focus. The goal for this new store experience was to blend the brands image of glamor, luxury, romance and timeless elegance with an authentic experience focused on Love and Family.

For the first store prototype, an elegant, timeless palette was developed that highlighted contrasts. Materials exuding warmth - wood cases, carpet, venetian plaster- were paired with refined counterpoints - shimmering surfaces, brushed steel, silver fixtures - and hint of the playfully feminine - pleated gauzy curtain column covers.

five different shopping zones were created and built around a beautiful, sculptural, yet functional cashwrap accentuated by a custom Fiber-optic “star/constellation” imbedded in the ceiling.

Branding through the use of display, signage and graphics was carefully considered and designed to be inseparable from the architecture. The signature branding element that binds these sensual layers, materials and forms is the custom Love Graffiti wall, With its landscape of swirling love poems, tumbling gems, flora, and moonlit sky.



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