Arcadia Townhouses

a vibrant, high-density community focused on sustainable living

Location  |  Eugene, Oregon
Project Type  |  New Construction
Completion  |  2012


Organized around a central community garden and orchard, The thirteen townhomes that make up the Arcadia development anchor a multi-generational community with a strong sense of social connectivity and ecological responsibility. 

The development embodies the urban design principles of walkability, connectivity, compactness, sustainability and community. Paths and walkways meander through the park like setting, while the garden and individual patios encourage interaction, and foster friendship between neighbors and community members. 

The design and construction of Arcadia put a priority on sustainability and environmental stewardship.  Its buildings, gardens, green-scapes, and plazas incorporate the best in environmentally friendly materials, while each home is designed to exceed even the highest regulatory standards for energy-efficiency. On average, Arcadia’s homes use half as much energy as Oregon’s strict energy code.  Each home is designed for all electric use, creating the opportunity for homeowners to achieve Net-Zero Energy.

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