Fern Ridge Lake House

A High Performance compound for an active Oregon Family.

Location  |  Fern Ridge Lake, OR
Project Type  |  New Construction
Size  |  2900sf Residence, 2800sf Studio
Completion  |  2011

Structural  |   Johnson Broderick Engineering
Mechanical  | Alan VanZuuk
Geothermal/Solar  |  Solar Assist
Contractor  |  Six Degrees Construction

Awards & Publications  |  Information here


A modern abode that combines environmental consciousness, playful creativity, innovative high-performance and energy-efficiency. This house is purpose built to support its owners active and creative lifestyle.

Designed for a metal artist, a software engineer, and their young daughter, the house is one part of a larger compound that includes an artist’s studio and workshop, a three-car garage, and several exterior work/play areas. Each of the buildings were developed to incorporate repurposed, recycled, non-toxic, sustainably harvested, and durable materials conducive to health and comfort.

With 12” thick walls, geo-thermal heat, solar energy, and continuous fresh air ventilation, this super-efficient house incorporates high performance technologies and low-cost, industrial, and off-the-shelf materials in imaginative ways. The result is a beautiful combination of material and form expressed in rusted steel structural beams, hand-burnished natural plaster, and site-harvested oak stair slabs. 80 year-old barnwood siding clads the exterior, still showing traces of faded barn-paint, day-glow graffiti, and the many natural variations acquired with time.

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