Christianson Passive House

A PAssive House Certified Residence For a Building contractor and his family

Location  |  Corvallis, Oregon

Project Type  |  Residential New Passive House Construction

Completion  |  2016

Passive House Consultants  |  Jan Fillinger, Win Swafford, Chris Deel

Builder  |  G Christianson Construction Design Team | Jan Fillinger, design principal; Chris Deel, project manager and drawing production

Awards & Publications  | 
First Passive House in Corvallis, Oregon,
Silver Medal Winner at the 2017 Annual North American Passive House Conference,
PHIUS + 2015 Certified,
PHIUS + Source Zero Certified Project,
Earth Advantage Platinum Certified,
Dept. of Energy Zero Energy Home,
Energy Star v.3 Certified


As both the prospective owners and the builder of this exceptionally energy-efficent new house and the proprietors of a well-known local construction firm, the clients wanted to use this project as a showcase for potential construction clients, to demonstrate their expertise and ability to accomplish complex projects, as well as raise the sustainability bar in the Corvallis area.

The Contemporary Craftsman-style Passive House that they created has a carbon footprint that is 5 times smaller than that of a typical new Oregon house of a similar size. This footprint is even smaller thanks to a photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system that generates electricity in excess of the home’s annual power needs.

12″ thick walls, enhanced with a 2” layer of carbon-neutral cork insulation, exceptionally efficient triple-glazed windows and doors, PV system, super-efficient heat pump water heater, Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, highest-efficiency heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system, and loads of natural daylighting keep the home’s annual energy consumption so low -in fact- that the owners end up selling excess power back to their local utility.

The house was built with the intent that it would be the owners’ forever home. A lot of thought went into the design to maximize the use of the space, resulting -for example- in a cosy little reading nook ticked under the stairs, and a lofty little ‘skyperch’ office space peaking out above the roof top at the very top end of the stairs.

 On the energy side, the Net-Positive house is constructed to last well beyond the owners’ lifetimes, with extremely durable finishes.

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