Ankeny Row Cohousing

A sustainable urban community designed for cooperative aging in place.

Location  |  Portland, Oregon
Project Type  |  Residential New Construction
Completion  |  2015

Interior Designer  |  2Yoke Design
Builder  |  Green Hammer

Certifications |  Passive House (planned), Net Zero Energy, Universal Design, WaterSense

Design Team | Jan Fillinger, architect-of-record; Daryl Rantis and Dylan Lamar, design architects; Dylan Lamar, project manager


Imagined as an urban community for retiring couples who wanted to age in place, Ankeny Row Cohousing is a pocket development of townhomes designed to foster an environmentally conscious community of friends-as-neighbors.

Spread over a quarter-acre urban site in Portland, Oregon, the development is made up of six housing units, a community building, and a central courtyard and community garden.

Designed with both a modern sensibility, and a nod to traditional craftsman style, the development blends seamlessly into the surrounding neighborhood.

Intended to foster a low impact and sustainable lifestyle, the buildings are both high performance and highly accessible. Designed to the rigorous Passive House standard, the buildings require very little energy for heating and cooling, while a solar array on the roofs supplements most of the community’s electricity needs.

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