Goodspeed-Phillips House

A Modern renovation updates a traditional portland Craftsman.  

Location  |  Portland, Oregon
Project Type  |  Exterior Renovation
Completion  |  2013

Landscape Architect  |  Erin Muir | Figure Ground Studio
Contractor  |  Rob Cellini | Green Hammer

Certifications  |  FSC |  Home Performance with ENERGY STAR


Beginning as a consultation on existing water damage, this project evolved into a full exterior remodel that improved both the aesthetics and performance of the building.

The house, a recently built craftsman, was reimagined in a modern Pacific Northwest style. A tight pallet of materials including cedar siding, quick rusting steel, and fiber cement panels give the building a cohesive and inviting feel. The addition of rigid insulating and an improved vapor barrier system elevate the building both inside and out.

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